I had not realised how far we’d come

I got asked in an interview recently a question I tend to get a lot. What’s your ‘favorite’ feature of .net 3.0/3.5/4.0.

Anyway last time I got this one it was actually a bit of a stumper, cause I couldn’t list for you off the top of my head what the new features were in that release(s).

Anyways that motivated me enough to go and actually look it up and it turns out that 3.0 was when M$ brought the frameworks WPF, WWF and WCF.

Turns out I’ve been immersed in the stuff for so long I’d completly blanked on it ever not  being there. So there you go, now they’ll regret the day they ask me that question again when I end up working there ear off about Workflow is ART.


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