I’m afraid you’ll have to live without a heater.

One time our car started leaking water from weird places so we took it to the mechanic.

The mechanic checked it out and diagnosed that the pipe (I want to say radiator) that fed water to the interior heater was leaking.

Then he gave us a ‘choice’.

i)  Close some valve so no water got to the leak with the consequence that the heater would never work again (cold Melbourne winters anyone??).
ii) Pretty much deconstruct the engine/front of the car (at vast expense)  in order to get to the pipe to plug the simple leak then put the car back together again.

Point of the story is that while the fix seemed (and probably was) quite mundane and simple, the effort required to expose the problem area was great due to the integration and entanglement of so many other car parts.

This afternoon I basically wrangled my way through a jungle of code (the car engine) to fix 2 lines of a stored procedure. Because the code was monolithic, entangled and generally the opposite of O-O there was a lot of work to do in order to implement a 30 second fix.

It’s just nice to sit back and realise that sometimes those O-O ninjas aren’t just bullshitting us. This sort of stuff can cost you ‘Big Time’ later on down the road.

“Dad what’s the point of this story … I like stories” – Bart and Homer J. Simpson.


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