Time to be a better little Microserf

It starts with learning some of the shortcuts listed here

Having worked at Vision Australia, I’m now a strong believer in the benefits of some well rehersed keyboard shortcuts.

A great way to learn (IMHO) is to pick a new short cut for a given day and just focus on learning that one (for me today it will be eithier the bookmark or the fullscreen shortcut in Visual Studio).

After a week or two of learning a shortcut a day you’ll look like a total guru to your fellow developers and business users and (as a bonus) will probably enjoy better productivity and code-focus too.

Aside note, I just kind of made up that term ‘code-focus’ but what I mean is that deep level of concentration when your focusing on only the problem in front of you and not all the crap that surrounds (I’m hoping bookmarking in Visual Studio and Fullscreen will help with this I guess).


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