Is this the difference between facebook and a twitter ?

OK, I’ll happily admit I’m one of those folks who still don’t really ‘get’ twitter. It just doesn’t really come naturally for me. I find myself self censoring (maybe a good thing), thinking do people really wan’t to know this ?

Anyways (ironically) here are my related thoughts. Heavily influenced by software development I’m sure.

Facebook is for state (what are you thinking, how are you ?)
Twitter is for behaviour (what are you doing right now, what have you just done?)

I’m aware not everyone uses it like this (nor should they have to). But for me I was thinking it might be a good divide.

This is a question that I’m very interested in so if you have any insights around this please leave a comment, and maybe you can help me resolve the idea.


One Response to “Is this the difference between facebook and a twitter ?”

  1. Angus Says:

    The way i see it is:

    – Facebook is a walled garden. Great for updating status to those folks you call friends.
    – Twitter is broadcast stream that anyone can tune into. People don’t need to be your friend, they need to find your stream interesting or useful. Twitter is for people you don’t know (or didn’t go to high school with).

    I like Twitter more as it gives me a wider perspective (albeit a selected perspective ) on what is going on out there without the connotation of having to be a friend.

    I find more value in my twitter stream in comparison to the closed network (of high school “friends” in Facebook). Its been a great networking, problem solving, employment, pitching tool.

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