Tell your SharePoint Admin you were right about me … you were right

Just started reading this white paper by Jeremy Thake (note you’ll need to register or ping Jeremy to get a copy of the paper, free and pretty painless).

What I love about this paper, which provides guidance on how to build and deploy SharePoint apps in a robust manner is, at the very least, twofold.

i) It validates and provides additional rationale behind things that I would generally, if asked, report to be ‘best practice’ or a smart way to get things done. This is good because it gives me great ammo when I’m trying to back up my rationale against folks who don’t believe or wan’t to take short-cuts (mostly cause they don’t believe and in that case who could blame ’em).

ii) (This is my favourite) it shows me all the alternate things I might have been doing if I wasn’t doing the ‘best practice’. The context of any decision to do something is generally all the things you’re deciding not to do and the associated rationale behind not doing them. This, being a relative (couple of years) newbie to SharePoint app development is something I want to improve. It makes for a much more persuasive mgt. argument then “But it’s not best practice” to be able to say, “Well if we do that I anticipate the following unfortunate consequences that maybe we can/can’t live with.

In summary I’d recommend just about everyone to at least browse the index of this white paper to cross-check your view of SharePoint App. Life Cycle ‘Best Practice’.

For those of you wondering the subject line is a reference to Return of the Jedi when Vadar has his mask revealed and validates Luke’s assessment that there was good in him all along despite the dark/evil exterior.


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