WSPBuilder to GAC or not to GAC

WSPBuilder awesome project, if you deploy sharepoint projects and haven’t heard of it (what rock have you been hiding behind) absolutely 100% check it out.

That said little bit of behaviour that I didn’t get (it may well be documented) until I messed around with this a little with my good buddy Puja Dhanetwal from Vision Australia.

When you run WSPBuilder if any referenced dll’s are already in your machines GAC WSPBuilder won’t include them in the solution package. If they (the referenced assemblies) are NOT in the GAC then WSPBuilder WILL include them. For a short while (pre-experminatation) this behaviour mystified me, but now it seems pretty straight forward.

Short and sweet.

I’m converting a manual deployment SharePoint project to feature deployment at the mo. and WSPBuilder and SPSource are like my sword and shield in a battle against the maraudering hordes of unbelievers 😉


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