One two many hats leads to role-based confusion.

One question I continue to have with all this ‘role based’ stuff

  • Role-based dashboards.
  • Role-based reports.
  • Role-based search
  • Role-based security
  • Role-enabled jelly beans 😉

Is the idea of multiple roles!!!

It’s no real biggy I guess, but everyone seems to be deliberatly ignoring it (the idea of one person playing multiple ‘roles’) which makes me wonder …

People go all-goey for the idea of CEO-Search vs Developer-Search; but what do you do when the CEO is a developer as well.

The obvious point is having additional context for determining which role(s) someone is playing in a given moment of time, but I guess that is a cultural shift as much as it is a technical one.

Something to think about, I’m certainly not sure my mind has rested on the issue. 


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