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If you have any contact with SharePoint you have to watch this … it’s funny … it’s tragic … but I kinda wanna sing along

May 19, 2010

Karaoke SharePoint

To the tune of ‘Ice, ice, baby’ … full props to Dux for doing this I think this is the sort of thing that stops IT and business from just freezing over with their own stuffiness … but … wow … nuff said … watch the films.


Powershell is coming … you can’t run … you can’t hide and you should brushup/learn your syntax as well

May 14, 2010

This This post

Gave me some clues on powershell that were badly needed.

The sitch:

i)   I’m upgrading SharePoint 2007/2010 in place (yip don’t start I was just trying to see what happened).
ii)  Started getting an error that implied that the security privileges of the admin account weren’t in sync.
iii) I wanted to reset the passwords in SharePoint system to those currently set in the AD system.

What I did

i) Booted up the SharePoint 2010 Management Shell (powershell) (stsadm had stopped working at this stage as I was literally mid-upgrade: SP2010 installed but not ‘upgraded’).
ii) Get-Help Set-SPManageAccount (Get-Help is pretty much like ‘man’ from linux in powershell land it is actually useful and tells you how to use all the commands you find along the way).
This link provided me with the information I needed to kick start the relevant commands link.

iii) Having marshaled all this info together you need to start wrestling with the syntax of the parameter options (of which there are many). Long story short make sure you look up each of the parameter types specified and then the relevant pieces of powershell to weave your plain text strings (which you were used to from good ‘ol command line) into strongly typed parameters.

$currentPassword = convertto-securestring “passwordTextjkfdajlkadsj” -asplaintext -force  (converts plain text password into a ‘secure-string’ variable)

Set-SPManagedAccount -Identity “domain\username” -ExistingPassword $currentPassword -UseExistingPassword.

It’s worth mentioning in the above.

i)  $currentPassword represents a variable defined in the first line and used in the second.
ii) -UseExistingPassword is a ‘switch’ parameter that doesn’t need to be defined other than its presence will ‘switch’ the input from the default (often false value I think) to the opposite ‘true’.

Still wresting with this upgrade so I gotta go now … good luck !!

The inner buzz of a good find.

May 13, 2010

I started following this guy ‘skorks’ I think when I read a few articles that got linked via the google reader (can’t remember why).

But since then I’ve had that lovely sensation of realisation when you/I discover we’ve made a good find.

The most recent (5 minutes ago) article I read by this man SKORKS was a review of modern Agile practices versus ol’ school software craftsmanship.

My take outs were:

i)   It made me think about Agile, Unix Programming and ways I could try to improve my own software craftsmanship.
ii)  A book to lookup/buy/read ‘The Art of Unix Programming’. I’d heard about it before, but this article made me want to read it.
iii)  This guy has a really nice consistency of his articles, he does more than just link to stuff (like I do); but actually performs some deep-ish analysis of an idea, some sources, some counter sources; it’s like a hearty bowl of soup !!

So if your in the software game, I reckon give this guy a quick read and let me know what you think.

The mysterious middle tier … for SharePoint

May 3, 2010

The Middle Tier Manifesto makes for interesting reading.

One thing I particularly liked was his model for placing SharePoint development into three tiers.

I like this because it allows me to clearly elicit one of my ‘gaps’ in terms of developement experience. So far I’ve found myself oscillating between the first tier (GUI and Admin Interface) and the third tier (full on VS2005/08/10 development with features/solutions). The middle tier has been their the entire time but kind of in my peripheral vision; present but unseen.

I’m now gonna try and get right upto speed with xsl, jQuery and SharePoint designer (wait I think I threw up a little bit just then) and at least get things to state of affairs where I can talk competently about the ‘middle tier’ of SharePoint and why we should(n’t) use it for our next piece of developement work.

Another good refererence/project to check out is the SPServices JQuery library; for a bit of a boost into the world of ‘middle tier’