The mysterious middle tier … for SharePoint

The Middle Tier Manifesto makes for interesting reading.

One thing I particularly liked was his model for placing SharePoint development into three tiers.

I like this because it allows me to clearly elicit one of my ‘gaps’ in terms of developement experience. So far I’ve found myself oscillating between the first tier (GUI and Admin Interface) and the third tier (full on VS2005/08/10 development with features/solutions). The middle tier has been their the entire time but kind of in my peripheral vision; present but unseen.

I’m now gonna try and get right upto speed with xsl, jQuery and SharePoint designer (wait I think I threw up a little bit just then) and at least get things to state of affairs where I can talk competently about the ‘middle tier’ of SharePoint and why we should(n’t) use it for our next piece of developement work.

Another good refererence/project to check out is the SPServices JQuery library; for a bit of a boost into the world of ‘middle tier’


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