The inner buzz of a good find.

I started following this guy ‘skorks’ I think when I read a few articles that got linked via the google reader (can’t remember why).

But since then I’ve had that lovely sensation of realisation when you/I discover we’ve made a good find.

The most recent (5 minutes ago) article I read by this man SKORKS was a review of modern Agile practices versus ol’ school software craftsmanship.

My take outs were:

i)   It made me think about Agile, Unix Programming and ways I could try to improve my own software craftsmanship.
ii)  A book to lookup/buy/read ‘The Art of Unix Programming’. I’d heard about it before, but this article made me want to read it.
iii)  This guy has a really nice consistency of his articles, he does more than just link to stuff (like I do); but actually performs some deep-ish analysis of an idea, some sources, some counter sources; it’s like a hearty bowl of soup !!

So if your in the software game, I reckon give this guy a quick read and let me know what you think.


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