This is still a glitch in 2010 … C’MON !


I encountered this bug in 2007, and it’s happening again in sp2010, you really would have thought this would be low hanging fruit.

Ok so maybe I was a little over the top in the subject line of this post … but REALLY !! (there I go again).

Basically when your go to provision search it fails with the error

The call to SPSearchServiceInstance.Provision (server ‘APP1’) failed. Setting back to previous status ‘Disabled’. System.Runtime.InteropServices.COMException (0x8007052E): Logon failure: unknown user name or bad password.

The fix is to supply the SearchService\ContentAccess user details with domain names in the “format DOMAIN\username, not just username” (copied verbatim from the linked article, but I know sometimes people don’t like to click through the links.

To get a little philosophical, I guess this might demonstrate the wide chasm that sometimes exists between business users expectatons of how easy/fast a tech fix should be
and the poor little programmers view.

To state it clear

  1. I found the problem
  2. followed the diagnostic trail to the ULS logs
  3. copied the error msg into Google
  4. followed that to the linked blog
  5. followed the advice
  6. had a moment of recognition as I realized I’d encountered the same problem in 2007 installations.
  7. had the mild euphoria of watching my problem fade away

I didn’t do anything particularly clever that would actually result in me understanding this problem any better.

Another way too look at the same situation would be to use the rationale, if something this obvious has been left unresolved in two releases the must be some serious complication that forces it to be there. That serious complication is probably worth knowing about as it is likely to be impacting other parts of the system/systems development as well.

Anywayz, it’s working now which makes me happy, but I don’t really know why it was broken in the first place which makes me … vaguely disquieted.


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